Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY--Melted Crayon Art

Several other blog sites and people on Pinterest have written about these melted crayon designs. I wanted to share how I created mine with my little sister last Easter. I grew up in a house with two sisters, and every year our mom would take us back-to-school shopping. We always bought a new box of crayons each year for each of us girls. We also kept our crayons from the previous school year, so if you can imagine 3 boxes of crayons each year for about 12 years... that's a whole lot of crayons! For my melted-crayon project, I used ALL old crayons that my family had stored in our home. I encourage each of you to use supplies that you already own for this project. I also used fake flowers from a bouquet of flowers that I purchased from a craft store. After I removed the 5 flowers I needed for this project, I kept the bouquet and have it in my apartment in a vase. You can't even tell that the 5 flowers were removed from it. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how I made my beautiful wall art...

Reused flower bouquet
<> Canvas
<> Hot glue gun with glue
<> Hair dryer
<> Crayons--greens, yellows, browns
<> Newspaper
<> Fake flowers

Step 1: Pick out the colors you want to use and line them up on the bottom on the canvas until you run out of space.
Step 2: Using a glue gun, make a line of glue across the crayons. Quickly place onto canvas in a line with tips facing down.
Step 3: Line your floor with newspaper, place the canvas against the wall, and turn your blow dryer on high. The wax sometimes splatters a little, so be sure to cover the floor and surrounding wall.
Step 4: Blow dry the crayons, making sure to move the blow dryer vertically and horizontally. This could take up to 30 minutes. As the wax starts to really melt, continue to move the blow dryervertically and horizontally to make the wax drip more down the canvas. 
Step 5: After the design has dried for 15 minutes, hot glue the flowers onto the longest "stems." 

Enjoy! Have you made a melted crayon design? I'd love to see how other people got creative with the different designs. I think the couple in the rain one is so unique.

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