Saturday, November 30, 2013

Attract What You Expect

Hey everyone, another guest post from my sister, Adriana!

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” –Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, you wise, wise man. This quote particularly stuck with me while reflecting on my recent love life (or lack of)! People, you know what I’m talking about…the trials and tribulations of an undefined relationship. Here are some of my downfalls while in an ambiguous relationship:

I can honestly say that I’ve chased love which literally provided me with nothing. Any sight of a charismatic man, and I lose my shit. I forget the fantastic qualities that I bring to the table, and I focus in on his impeccable character and never failing charm. To make it all worse, I chase them. I put in the effort and forgive way too easily. It was only until talking with my great friend, Joe, that I realized these facts.

I think it’s time for myself and all women to realize who the fuck we are and install some standards. We are bitchin’ ass women. We don’t need to settle for one-night stands, lame texts, or mediocre feelings. Demand dates! Or demand what you need!

Also, it’s important to remember why you’re awesome and reflect those feelings in all of your interactions. Every person has a fabulous personality trait they can exhibit. Once you're brave enough to show others, they will mimic your confidence and the positive reinforcement will keep on flowing!

Not only have I realized what I deserve in a romantic relationship, but I am more confident in these exchanges. What’s the point in dating someone if you can’t be your crazy-ass self? If there is a guy who can keep up, then that’s freaking fabulous. If not, you have your hilarious-self and awesome group of friends to keep you entertained!

To summarize: You’re awesome. Don’t chase. Be yourself. Life is amazing, regardless.

One last quote to really nail the fucking point home: "Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire."-Anonymous

Peace & Love,

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty and the Bees

My dad is a bee keeper and often shares the benefits of eating honey and getting stung by bees. You may not know that when a bee stings, it releases venom. Your skin reacts to the venom as an irritation. Accordingly, your skin increases circulation and stimulates production of collagen and elastin, which plump and firm fine lines.*

So my dad recently emailed me this article, and it sparked my interest in using bee products for health benefits. To summarize, the article suggests that bee venom could cure Lyme Disease in some people. Amazing. I wanted to share some bee health products with you that are out there. Some I already use, and others I'm interested in trying. [links are in orange]

1. Burt's Bees

Who hasn't heard of Burt's Bees? I love, love, love their chapstick. It's 100% natural and leaves my lips silky smooth. I also use their cuticle cream on my fingernails and toenails when doing at-home manis/pedis.

2. Bee Healthy Farms

I came across their body cream. It contains organic propolis, a bee product found in hives. It has many health benefits, including fighting inflammation and allergies. The cream also contains honey and shea butter. 

3. Beepharm Apitherapy

Frederique Keller, a bee expert, was featured on Dr. Oz a few years ago and told the audience of a facial mask and night cream. Both products contain bee venom. Currently, she is having a holiday sale where you can get both products for $60. I am definitely considering ordering, knowing the great benefits of bee venom for my skin.

Also, honey itself also has some pretty amazing benefits when eaten. First of all, it's a natural sweetener. My mom substitutes some of the granulated sugar from her apple pie recipe and adds my dad's honey. DELISH! Honey is also a natural cough suppressant. Feeling like you're developing a sore throat? Brew some organic green tea and add a tablespoon of honey or eat the honey on its own. The honey will instantly coat your throat, reliving some of your symptoms. Finally, honey is a natural source of carbohydrates, which is the body's primary source of fuel. Add honey over plain Cheerios or toast in the morning, and you'll be energized for the rest of your day!

It's important to buy honey that has contains NO high fructose corn syrup. Buy only organic or raw honey. It's even better to buy from local apiaries. Always read labels.

Be aware that honey should NOT be fed to infants under one year old.

Do you currently use any bee products in your beauty regime or add honey to your meals? I'd love to hear feedback.

*Info courtesy of Dr. Oz

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I am thankful for my supportive family and loving friends. I hope you eat your hearts out and spend time with the people you love.

One Thanksgiving tradition that my sisters and I always do is shop on Black Friday. We head to the good 'ol Mall of NH to shop the sales. After living in Boston for the past five years, I'm realizing how pathetic the Mall of NH is. I may forego the mall madness this year and shop online. The following are online sales from my favorite stores/sites...


Free Shoe Lover Tote with purchase
I'm eyeing these.


Use code HOLIDAY to get 30% off your purchase
I'm eyeing these.

Ann Taylor

Use code ANNTHANKS to get 50% off your purchase
I'm eyeing this.

Happy shopping!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Golden Birthday Drinks

As I've posted about here and here, my Golden Birthday celebration is this weekend! I'm so excited to celebrate this milestone with friends and family. Tonight my roommate and boyfriend are hosting a cocktail hour or two at my apartment, and then my friends and I are headed out to a bar called The Living Room. I'm happy to try out a new place to add to my repertoire of Boston bars.

During the cocktail party, I requested that we only serve drinks that are GOLD! Below are a few recipes that I found on Pinterest... I hope to try out one or two of them tonight!
[Recipes can be found by clicking on each drink title.}

Tequila, Ginger Ale, & Lime (recipe below)
This is one of my favorite drinks!

Fill a glass with ice
Pour in 2 shots of gold tequila (I love 1800)
Fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale
Squeeze in a wedge of lime juice

Please drink responsibly ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Countdown

If any of you know me really well, you will know that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! It doesn't even have to be my birthday, and I will jump up and down with excitement to plan and/or attend. The best birthday planning that I did was for my boyfriend's 22nd birthday two years ago. At the time, I was living on campus at Northeastern. For all those folks who don't know NU protocol, you are only allowed to have three guests at a time in your dorm room. My friend, R, was an RA; however, and she let me have about 20 people in my tiny dorm room. Luckily, my dorm room was a suit. I had plans to make dinner with my boyfriend that night at my place. Little did he know that me and 20 of his closet friends would be there to celebrate with champagne and cupcakes. It was the best surprise! So much fun!

I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with close friends and family this weekend! Look for a future post on how to plan a Golden Birthday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Friday is Friendsgiving! I'm so excited for good food, drinks, and friends. My friend, K, is attempting to roast a turkey and stuffing for the first time... Ekk! I'm glad that I don't have that task. Although I wouldn't consider myself an inexperienced cook, I wanted to make sure to bring something that is easy and simple to make for a lot of people. Thus, my garlic mashed potatoes.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
3 lbs of russet potatoes
1 stick of salted, room-temperature butter
1/4 cup of heavy cream (roughly)
2 cloves of crushed garlic
Handful of kosher I'm not kidding
Diced chives for garnish (optional)

Peel and dice potatoes into equal size pieces. Add potatoes, handful of kosher salt, and crushed garlic to large stock pot. Add enough water to just cover potatoes. Heat to high and boil potatoes until you can pierce them easily with a fork. Drain water and add potatoes back into the stock pot. Add heavy cream and butter. Use a hand beater on medium until you have beautifully whipped, garlic mashed potatoes. Garnish with diced chives or anything else you prefer to add a pop of color. Serve in a large [red] ceramic bowl. ENJOY!

(Photo credit:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Risotto, Prosciutto, and Bricco, O My!

Wow what a fun weekend! I had friends (R and V) come and stay with me in Boston for the weekend. I learned how to play Spades, and I think I may be slightly addicted...

My boyfriend and I along with my friends who visited, who happen to be engaged, went out to the North End on Saturday night to Bricco. DELICIOUS! I had their risotto special, and D had the pork chop special. I highly recommend anyone dining in the North End to check out Bricco. Their bread is made in-house, so on Sunday afternoon after R and V left, D and I hopped on the T and went back to Bricco to take home some of their delicious bread. We got 2 loaves of a prosciutto and cheese bread along with an Italian baguette. Yum.

R & V ordered: veal ravioli with truffle butter sauce & braised beef in drum pasta
Thanks for a fabulous weekend, friends! 
Here are a few things that I'm looking forward to this week:

1. Game night! My friends and I get together almost every Thursday and play games, such as Anomia, Things, and Wits and Wagers. We may drink more than we play ;)

2. Friend Thanksgiving! My good friends from college are hosting Friend Thanksgiving. I told them that I would make garlic mashed potatoes. Recipe to follow later this week...

3. My golden birthday! My 24th birthday on Nov. 24 is right around the corner. My roommate is hosting a cocktail party at our apartment. The theme is black and gold. My roommate shopped for decor at Michael's this past weekend, and she won't show me anything she bought! I can't wait for the surprise! Gold everything... especially drinks! Gold drink recipes to share on the blog also later this week...

Photo Credit: My fabulous friend, V. xoxo

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meet Annie!

Annie and her sister, Maggie
Check out my friend's dog, Annie! My friend, G, got Annie for graduating college! His parents loved the idea of getting a dog so much that they got another puppy from the litter, Maggie. Annie lives at my apartment on most weekends, which is awesome. (My roommate is G's girlfriend.)

We go on walks to the South End to get brunch, and she runs around my apartment like a mad woman chasing her various toys. I'll be posting more about Miss Annie in the future... How cute?!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dumb phone vs. Smartphone

Check out this video that my friend C posted on my FB wall...

I get questions related to why I do NOT have a smartphone on the reg. A few years ago, I definitely couldn't afford a smartphone since I was still in college and could barely buy groceries, but now that I am a working girl making a nice salary, the thought has crossed my mind to switch over to the dark side. I'll be honest, I am proud that I have lasted this long without one.

To aid in my decision making as to whether I should get one sooner rather than later, I thought that a pro/con list was necessary...

PRO      CON
I won't get lost driving anymore     Monthy payment
I would have a camera at my fingertips     Time sucker
I can group message my friends     Takes away from living in the moment
Instant information     Battery would die really fast
CANDY CRUSH (both a pro and a con)    

I would love to hold off as long as possible before getting a smartphone. Decision: I'll wait until my current phone shits the bed until I get a smartphone. Look for a future post on which smartphone I should get! For now, I will look forward to living in the moment and not being distracted by a phone!

Do you have a dumb phone? What's your decision on why you have one?

This article poses the question if you would date a guy WITHOUT a smartphone... Wow, thank goodness I'm taken or else I may be the slightest bit worried that no one would want to date me because I don't have a smart phone. Not. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Save vs. Splurg

(Prices are links to the website)
$150  ::  $25

$275  ::  $49.50

$278  ::  $80

$225  ::  $65

Who wouldn't want black denim, a cream blouse, black booties, and a green wallet all for under $225?! That's cheaper than the Tory Burch wallet itself. Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Be a Model of Self-Love

Hey everyone!

I'm Lauren's younger sister, Adriana. I'm a 20-year-old college student living in Boston. Lauren has been asking me for weeks to do a guest-blog post. After an afternoon of french toast and heart-to-hearts, I've decided to take her up on that offer. I have many odd obsessions that frequent my conversations with family, friends, and various strangers. One of those is my curiosity with body image in our society.

In our society, it is acceptable to count calories, check your weight on a scale, and do strenuous work-outs to make up for a "cheating" day of eating. Let's be real, you must hear your friends talking about their weight gain complaints or their joyful celebrations for losing those extra couple of pounds often. BUT, are these women happy? Are they confident enough to loose the makeup and wear their hair natural everyday? Or has society taught them that their worth is the way they look? Our culture is obsessed with changing our bodies. From plastic surgery to dying your hair and getting colored contacts, it is almost lame to be who you are.

My definition of a happy life requires the following things: Spending time with friends and family, challenging yourself with projects that interest you, being healthy, and truly accepting yourself. In order to be in love with yourself, you have to be your biggest support system. We are so eager to help a loved one, but when are we being kind to ourselves? Two years ago, my best friend said, "I'm AWESOME!" She was serious, and I thought, "what the fuck?" That's a little awkward...who ever acknowledges their awesome-ness to others? This moment has stuck with me for a while. Why don't we accept our strengths and love ourselves first? Now, people can catch me saying bold things like, "I'm fucking awesome. I'm hilarious. Who wouldn't want to spend time with me? If they can't hang with the crazy, then they can't hang with me."

So, if I am dedicated to a life of self-love, why the FUCK would I waste my time focusing on my weight? WHO CARES?!

Yes, some people have health issues and watching their weight is imperative to their well-being (e.g. diabetes). However, I think the majority of people don't necessarily need to worry; it's just society telling us we should. So, calorie counting...measuring your weight....what's the point? These things are produced (especially scales) to make people freak out about their weight. Companies profit from these items, and that's why they are produced. Have you ever seen someone measure their height everyday? Nope. Society doesn't care about height change, but for some reason weight change matters.

Many of my friends often go to the gym because they've "eaten so much pizza" or because they've "eaten like shit all day." I rarely hear, "I like to be a healthy person, so I work out a couple times a week to stay fit." The majority of people at the gym are probably there for weight concerns. The girls are trying to lose fat, while the guys are trying to gain muscle. Why can't we enjoy the food we eat without regrets? Let's eat what we want and exercise to be healthy people!

So I have just thrown tons of my opinions at you. You can totally disagree; I wouldn't care! However, if any of these things struck you, please join me in this movement! Be a model of self-love with me. In a generation of eating disorders, unoriginality, and self-hatred, LET'S BE DIFFERENT AND PRACTICE SELF-LOVE. Your life may be an inspiration to someone who wants to practice self-love, too.

Peace & Love,

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This weekend I plan to go to upstate NY to my friend's lovely cabin in the woods. The cabin is country decorated and has a huge fireplace (hope we make a fire). The last time I went there with my friends was a blast. We built a HUGE fire in the backyard... I swear it was 20 feet high. This weekend, we plan to make another huge fire, go on a hike/nature walk, go to a brewery, and chill. I plan to bring my book. I'm sooo close to finishing it! I'll have to bring the second book in the series this weekend.

Hope your weekend will be fun as well! Here are some links to keep you busy over the weekend:

Just incase you missed it...

Marriage is NOT for you

What good kids!


I made these this week for dinner

Girls don't poo

Piperlime is offering 25% off! Eyeing this, this, and these.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Club

I've been reading this really good book that my cousin recommended--Divergent by Veronica Ross. Check it out if you haven't already. If you liked The Hunger Games books, you'll like the Divergent series. The 3rd installment just came out on October 22nd. I'm flying through the first book!

The movie comes out March 21, 2014. Here's the trailer. It looks kinda lame, but I'll probably still go see it.

After I read this series, I'll be looking for a new novel to start reading. Now that I am a regular 9-5 gal, I need something to keep me from falling asleep every night on the couch after work. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Golden Birthday Outfit

Happy Humpday!

My Golden Birthday is right around the corner--I turn 24 on the 24th of November. My roommate and I plan to host a cocktail hour before we go out in Boston. I want all things gold: foods, drinks, decor, and outfits. I've been searching for the perfect gold dress to wear, and I think I found the winner...

I love its classic shape and bold graphic design. Now I just have to plan what shoes and accessories to add. The dress is from Piperlime. Piperlime falls within the same company as Gap, BR, and Old Navy (also brands I love). Piperlime offers designer shoes, clothing, and accessories. Some of my favorite brands that they carry are: Ark & Co., Pim + Larkin, and Tinley Road.

Anyone else shop on Here are other links to looks that I'm craving:
One  :  Two  :  Three   :  Four  :  Five (only $18)  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween

As I wrote in my Welcome Back post, I promised to share photos of past Halloweens and a tutorial of how to make a homemade costume. This post was inspired by my cousin, who asked me how I made my boob costume that I wore last year.

The costume couldn't have been complete without my boyfriend, D. I saw this idea online, begged him a little, and he surrendered to try it! I'm so glad we did it! 
Here's what you'll need to complete this costume:

How to make the Boob Costume:
2 large white undershirts
16" balloons (we bought 4 just incase a few popped)
Red fabric (we went to Good Will and used old t-shirts)
Markers to draw the optional nipples
Safety pins

1. Put on white undershirt
2. Insert blown up balloon under your shirt
3. Cut the red fabric into triangular shaped pieces
4. Have super helpful friends safety pin the "bra" to your undershirt
5. Draw a nipple if you please

Here are other photos of past Halloweens:
Black Cat with my friend, A 2009

Surfer chick with my roommate and bf.
My roommate made her Indian costume! 2010

Naked troll and beach bum 2010

Indian princess (my sister) and Jack-O-Latern 2011

Superman, Nurse, and Pebbles from The Flintstones 2008

If you would like to know how I made my other costumes, feel free to message me below! All of my costumes are homemade, and I tried to use as many pieces of clothing that I already had at home.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Update on 101 in 1001

For those of you who didn't read my last post about 101 in 1001, I am keeping a list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 1001 days (2.75 years) is a happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list. It's a way to dream big and make regular progress toward meeting those longer term goals. I began checking items off my list July 8, 2012, and the 1001 days are up on April 18, 2015. 

I'll be honest, I totally forgot about my 101 in 1001 over the summer. The last time I updated the list and crossed things off was before graduation in May. At that time I had 27 items crossed off my list. Now, I have 41 items crossed off!!! Yippy :) 
Here are the 41 things that I have completed:
  1. Go on a bar crawl
  2. Buy white bowls and plates
  3. Finish writing 101 things 
  4. Inspire someone else to write 101 things in 1001 days (Molly & Julia)
  5. Budget my money until May 2013
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Wear pink or red lipstick out
  8. Try an orange
  9. Buy a over the door coat hanger 
  10. Get a glass pitcher
  11. Try a new flavor of ice cream (coffee almond fudge)
  12. ride my bike on the Tremont bike path
  13. buy a new perfume
  14. Throw Dad a big 60th
  15. Don’t go clothes shopping for 120 days
  16. Eat at an organic, local restaurant (Republic)
  17. No internet/email for 24 hours
  18. Buy Calvin Klein Euphoria
  19. go to a Celtic’s game
  20. Go gluten free for a month
  21. go to NYC during Christmas
  22. Read 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy
  23. Cook homemade lobster 
  24. Use a Kitchen Aid mixer to make a baked treat
  25. Light a match
  26. go on a vacation with just friends
  27. Pass the Praxis exam for SLP
  28. Move into my first apartment
  29. Graduate Summa Cum Laude
  30. Renew my CPR
  31. Go through my closet & donate clothes that I haven’t worn in a year
  32. Go to California 
  33. Wear a fedora to the beach
  34. Go to Chicago 
  35. Go to Mom’s work for a day
  36. Go to Ikea & have Swedish meatballs
  37. do the freedom trail 
  38. go to a Red Sox game
  39. go to a Bruin’s game
  40. pay my first bill
  41. Go on a road trip
I'm hoping to continue to update my list, and I plan to accomplish a few more things before the end of the year. I'd like to:
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 1 week
  • Go to a few new bars in Boston
  • Make new recipes that I find on Pinterest or are given to me by friends/family
  • Have a big Golden Birthday party in a few weeks (I'll definitely be posting about my plans for it soon!)
Anyone else have a 101 in 1001? Did I inspire anyone else to create one?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Hello There!

Hello friends, family, & strangers from around the interweb! I'm back with a vengeance! I took a much needed summer off from most technology (minus a bit of FB stalking and Pinterest pinning). I had a very busy past few months. I graduated from graduate school at Northeastern University in May, did a 5-week cross country road trip with my boyfriend, started my first "real girl job" in the end of August, and moved into my first "adult" apartment with my very good friend.

I am excited to begin blogging again! My blog will serve as a platform to keep in touch with friends & family and also to share neat things that I find from around the web. Some things to look forward to on my blog with be:

1. An update on my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list! It was a year that I started the list this past July 8th. My 1001 days is up April 18, 2015!

2. If you live under a rock, you would have missed that the Red Sox won the World Series!!! I went to the parade/rolling rally yesterday, and it was a blast and very moving to be watching at the Marathon Finish Line. Photos to follow soon...

3. My best friend got a puppy! Her name is Annie, and she's an adorable 6-month old chocolate lab. She visits my apartment every weekend, and she always looks forward to a "treat from her Auntie Lauren." Beautiful photos to follow and a list of her favorite toys soon...

4. Happy belated Halloween! I will be sharing photos and tutorials from past Halloween costumes. I've been a naked troll, crazy cat lady, topless chick, a sexy cat, and a boob in the past few years. Yes, a boob...

5. I've been really good this summer about not buying unnecessary things since I was broke after my cross country road trip. I cleaned out my closet at home in NH and donated 4 LARGE garbage bags of clothes. It felt so good to organize my closet and get rid of clothes I had since middle school!! Ekkk! I did a bit of shopping the past few weeks, and I'll be sharing some outfit posts and well as deals and steals from my favorite shops.

I leave you with a photo from a party I went to on Thursday night. I dressed up as a topless chick for Halloween. It was a ballsy move, but I felt like it was a "now or never moment."

Look for a new post tomorrow! xoxo Lauren

Photo credit: My dear friend, AC! Thanks for capturing this moment :)